Irene L.
Manitoba, Canada


#1 Way to Teach your Kids Creation

Engaging creation adventures your kids will love

Real events and real places from around the world

Learn how science is aligned with Scripture

Includes discoveries from the world’s leading scientists

(12) 26-minute episodes

Over 5 hours of content per album

Broadcasted on 570+ radio stations

Heard by millions around the world

Teach your kids to defend the truth of creation through exciting adventure

Experience Jonathan Park:

Jonathan Park audio adventures are action-packed stories, based on real places and real events - exciting stories full of scientific evidences that support the biblical account of creation.

Millions of people around the world have been inspired and equipped by the Jonathan Park products and radio broadcasts, as they have learned how science is in complete harmony with the book of Genesis. 

“Our children love Jonathan Park! 
It's amazing how much they all enjoy it 
despite their difference in age and gender.”
“Best thing that I have ever seen to keep my children's attention while learning the truths of God in creation, history, archeology, and salvation. 
“These are the best audios!
If you want something to encourage 
your kids in science, these will do it! 
My boys love them!”

Carolyn S.
Kingsport, Tennessee 

Tim S.
Sedalia, Missouri

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Jonathan Park Volume I: The Adventure Begins
Jonathan Park Volume II: No Looking Back
Jonathan Park Volume III: The Winds of Change

Album 1: The Adventure Begins

Album 2: No Looking Back

Album 3: The Winds of Change

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Jonathan Park Volume IV: The Hunt for Beowulf
Jonathan Park Volume V: The Explorer's Society
Jonathan Park Volume VI: The Journey Never Taken

Album 4: The Hunt for Beowulf

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Album 5: The Explorer's Society

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Album 6: The Journey Never Taken

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Jonathan Park Volume VII: The Voyage Beyond
Jonathan Park Volume VIII: The Copper Scroll
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Album 7: The Voyage Beyond

Album 8: The Copper Scroll

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Album 9: The Whispering Sphinx

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Jonathan Park Volume IX: The Whispering Sphinx

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