These Adventures will fuel your kids to...



Give a Defense!




Activate your kids' imagination through the limitless world of audio adventures!

Help your kids soak up Science and Scripture through exciting storytelling!

Encourage your kids to defend their faith with REAL and compelling evidence for our Creator.

Reasons Why Christian Families Have Chosen Jonathan Park

FAITH-BUILDING:  Masterfully designed to encourage your kids in their faith by showing them compelling evidence that aligns with Scripture.

Experience what 100,000+ moms have discovered – that Jonathan Park merges the best of three worlds – entertainment, education and faith-building!

Here's what our Field Experts are saying...

I like listening to science rather than reading it in a book.  The Jonathan Park adventures make it more exciting!

Clayton, Age 14 Field Expert

I like how Jonathan Park helps people and how they always talk about Jesus. I love listening to it when my mom and dad turn it on in the car because there is so much action!

Kaylee, Age 7 Field Expert

I am a big fan of Jonathan Park. I have heard the entire Jonathan Park series, many times! I never get tired of listening. I really like that Jonathan and his families go on adventures together. 

I also like that every time I hear a Jonathan Park album I learn something new about science and how it confirms God’s account of how He made everything!

Jaxon, Age 10 Field Expert

Jonathan Park adventures are really awesome. They are thrilling and exciting . I think everybody will enjoy listening to them!

Marina, Age 12 Field Expert




HIGHLY EDUCATIONAL:  The characters often encounter adventures where science and history come to life through REAL-life discoveries!

ENCOURAGES GODLY THINKING:  Encourages kids to make wise and moral choices, even when it's not easy, or popular. 


MODELS BIBLICAL VALUES:  As parents, it's important to know that "messages" coming into your home through entertainment are consistent with your family values.


ALTERNATIVE TO MORE SCREEN-TIME:  Each audio adventure unlocks the imagination and offers a more powerful form of storytelling. Great for listening while working on another brain-engaging activity like coloring pages, puzzles, or even chores! 


TRANSFORMS CAR RIDES:  Entertains your kids while they soak in the scenery. 


LASTING VALUE:  Unlike most books and videos, kids listen to these exciting adventures over, and over, and over again! And each time, the truth of God's Word is further embedded in their hearts! 

I enjoy the Jonathan Park series because they include science facts about the creation story in the Bible. If a child has any creation questions, Jonathan Park answers them in the form of a story, which is really fun for kids!

Rebecca, Age 10 Field Expert

All four of my kids LOVE the Jonathan Park series!

I love that they're learning Biblical truths and Scripture! Thank you for a fun series that also helps our whole family grow in Faith and Wisdom!

George Family, Ages 10, 6, 4 Field Experts


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What is Jonathan Park?

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Who is it for?

Designed for Christian kids, ages 6-13, but often enjoyed by the entire family!

Jonathan Park is for you if...

  • your kids enjoy adventure!
  • you're a concerned mom and care about the "messages" in your kids' entertainment.
  • you want to deepen the faith of your children.
  • you want to keep their attention while stretching their brains with fun science and history lessons
  • you want to encourage Biblical character and teach them respect and the importance of doing what is right!

Make "Back-to-School" a Breeze

Endorsed and Loved by the Leading Christian Mom Blogs

Jonathan Park is a one-of-a-kind audio adventure. Based on real places and real events, each episode is packed full of scientific evidence that supports what we read in the Bible.

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